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Collected date 05/07/13

Bidston sign

Bidston station is at the junction between the Wirral Line and the line to Wrexham General, so we waited in the heat of the late afternoon amidst the building works for the branch line train to arrive.

The entrance to the station is via steps up to the footbridge from the car park to the south:

Bidston entrance

The footbridge seen from the platform:

Bidston footbridge

Looking east along the line from the footbridge. In the distance the A554 crosses the line and the disused Birkenhead Docks branch (joining up ultimately with Rock Ferry curves off to the left:

Bidston from footbridge looking

The station platforms seen from the north side of the line:


The station buildings were swathed in scaffolding and netting when we visited. This is platform 2, looking east. There seem to be two separate buildings with a gap between them:

Bidston platform 1 looking east Bidston platform 1 looking east

The wooden canopy support:

Bidston canopy

West of the station buildings is a sign telling us what the station is for:

Bidston - Change here for Borderlands

Looking back along the platform from its western end:

Bidston from west

Looking west along the line with the Borderlands Line junction curving off to the left:

Bidston looking west

On platform 2 looking west towards the junction:

Bidston platform 2 looking west