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Collected date 21/05/10

Mytholmroyd sign

Mytholmroyd lies on the Caldervale line between Leeds and Manchester. Although the operational part of the station is merely functional, it has an interesting old station building.

The station building is a tall building north of the line. The street level doorway:

Mytholmroyd front

The side of the building:

Mytholmroyd building

The line runs on a bridge over the road:

Mytholmroyd bridge

This bracket on the bridge looks like it once held something like a signal:

Mytholmroyd signal

The approach to platform 2 is up a road parallel to the line:

Mytholmroyd platform 2

The steps leading up to platform 2:

Mytholmroyd platform 2 steps

On platform 2, looking east:

Mytholmroyd platform 2 looking east

Looking west along platform 2:

Mytholmroyd platform 2 looking west

At the top of the old station building, bridging the gap between that building and the platform, is this old bit of platform:

Mytholmroyd building top

Looking west at the old canopy beyond the end of platform 2:

Mytholmroyd platform 2 old

To get to platform 1, go back under the bridge and up this ramp:

Mytholmroyd exit Mytholmroyd platform 1 exit

Looking at the shelter and exit on platform 1:

Mytholmroyd platform 1 shelter

Looking east at the platforms at Mytholmroyd:

Mytholmroyd platforms

Looking west along the line over the bridge:

Mytholmroyd looking west

Dotting the station are storyboard plaques like this:

Mytholmroyd story plaque