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Mills Hill

Collected date 13/09/16

Mills Hill sign

After a good amount of time wandering around Manchester Victoria, we headed out to Mills Hill, a small station in the Rochdale area. It only has two platforms, both accessed up ramps or steps.

From the road, looking up the ramp which leads up to platform 2, for trains to Manchester:

Mills Hill platform 2 ramp

Further up the ramp there is a covered bike rack and information notice, and steps from the road join from the right:

Mills Hill platform 2 approach

A small ticket machine sits near the entrance to the platform:

Mills Hill platform 2 entrance

On platform 2, looking south at both platforms:

Mills Hill platforms

Looking north as the line crosses the road on the bridge:

Mills Hill looking north

Walking down to the other end of platform 2, looking south along the line:

Mills Hill looking south

Walking down under the railway to the road, we look at the bridge:

Mills Hill bridge

Looking up the steps which lead up from the road to platform 1 via a slightly rickety-looking wooden construction:

Mills Hill platform 1 steps

On platform 1 looking south:

Mills Hill platform 1 looking south

The shelter on platform 1:

Mills Hill platform 1 shelter

Planters brighten up an otherwise dull platform 1:

Mills Hill platform 1 planters