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Collected date 12/09/14

Millom sign

Millom station lies on the Cumbrian Coast Line, on the other side of Duddon Sands from Askam. We arrived at around school closing time, so the trains were also quite busy with schoolchildren.

The front of the station building, which is run as a pub:

Millom front

A strange barrow serves as a planter just in the corner of the car park in front of the station building:

Millom barrow

The side of the station building, with an entrance to the platform:

Millom side

Turning 180° we can see a second entrance to platform 1:

Millom entrance

On platform 1 under the canopy which covers the platform next to the building:

Millom platform 1 looking east

Looking west under the canopy:

Millom platform 1 looking west

Walking to the eastern end of platform 1, looking back at the canopy:

Millom platform 1 from east

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Millom looking east

The whole of the rear of the station building seen from platform 2 opposite:

Millom rear

A footbridge connects platform 1 to platform 2:

Millom footbridge

West beyond the footbridge on platform 1 is the shelter where the path provides an entrance:

Millom platform 1 shelter

On the footbridge, looking east:

Millom from footbridge looking east

Looking west from the footbridge:

Millom from footbridge looking west

Platform 2 has no buildings, so is just an expanse of concrete with planters:

Millom platform 2

Oh, and this sculpture of wheels:

Millom wheels

Steps at the western end of platform 2 lead up to the road which crosses the line:

Millom platform 2 western exit

Over the boundary wall from platform 2 is a disused and slightly overgrown stretch of track. Here looking east:

Millom disused track looking east

Looking west from the same point:

Millom disused track looking west

The entrance from the bridge to platform 2:

Millom bridge entrance

Looking east from the road bridge at the disused track, with the station platforms and building on the left:

Millom from bridge looking east

Looking west from the bridge with the signalbox on the right:

Millom from bridge looking west

The signalbox:

Millom signalbox