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Collected date 12/09/14

Askam sign

Askam-in-Furness, or just Askam, is on the opposite side of Duddon Sands from Millom, and is a stop on the Cumbrian Coast Line up to Barrow. The station has buildings on both platforms as well as its own signalbox.

The "front" of the station building, on the west side of the line:

Askam front

An entrance to platform 1 just to the south of the station building:

Askam platform 1 entrance

Through the entrance on to platform 1, on to which the station building backs:

Askam rear

The (sadly non-working) clock on the station building:

Askam clock

A large door closes off much of the station building:

Askam platform 1 door

But further north along platform 1 is this waiting room:

Askam waiting room

The end of the station building on platform 1 has an unusual roof:

Askam platform 1 building end

Looking south at the end of platform 1:

Askam looking south

At the southern end of platform 1 is the signalbox, which controls the level crossing and a section of line:

Askam signalbox

The two sides of the station are connected by the level crossing:

Askam level crossing

On platform 2, looking south:

Askam platform 2 looking south

The side of the building on platform 2:

Askam platform 2 building

Inside the building pon platform 2, looking up at the roof beams:

Askam platform 2 roof

The area of platform just north of the building on platform 2 is grassed over, but not closed to the public who can if they wish wander on the well-tended sward:

Askam platforms looking north

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Askam looking north

Looking south along both platforms from the end of platform 2:

Askam platforms looking south