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Collected date 24/08/11

Lowdham sign

Lowdham is one of the stations on the line between Lincoln and Nottingham which has a service for much of the day, so I found myself here a couple of times walking to or from nearby stations.

The Nottingham-bound platform 2, seen from platform 1 opposite:

Lowdham platform 2 seen from
platform 1

The level crossing crosses the line to the west of the station, with the A6097 bridging over the line in the middle distance:

Lowdham looking west

The signalbox:

Lowdham signalbox

The station building is on platform 1, and is in splendid shape. Its side faces on to the road:

Lowdham building side

The frontage of the building on platform 1:

Lowdham front

Hiding next to the station building is an old station sign:

Lowdham old sign

Looking west at both platforms from platform 2:

Lowdham platforms looking west

Just east of the station building is a disused bay with a siding:

Lowdham disused bay

Looking east from the end of platform 1 we can see that the siding is quite thoroughly disconnected from the network:

Lowdham looking east