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Collected date 15/09/16

Lostock sign

Lostock station sits at the junction of lines to Wigan and Preston, and indeed was originally called Lostock Junction. It has closed and reopened since then and now only has platforms on the Preston lines.

The station's two platforms are either side of the Preston line, connected by the road bridge which crosses the line at the station's west. This is the approach to platform 1 on the north side:

Lostock approach

The entrance to platform 1, next to a small station building containing a ticket office:

Lostock platform 1 entrance

Steps lead up from next to the station building to the road bridge which crosses the line:

Lostock platform 1 steps

On platform 1, looking west:

Lostock platform 1 looking west

Looking east along platform 1 with the shelter on the left:

Lostock platform 1 looking east

Up on the bridge over the line, looking east at the station, with the diverging junction visible in the distance:

Lostock looking east from bridge

In the vee of the junction a ramp leads down to platform 2:

Lostock platform 2 ramp

Further along on the road bridge, looking at the diverging lines:

Lostock looking at Wigan lines from bridge