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Collected date 20/08/12

Locheilside sign

Locheilside is one of two stations on the side of Loch Eil, the other being the newer Loch Eil Outward Bound station a few miles east along the line. There is not much nearby, so the station is a request stop.

The entrance to the platform, which is gravelled:

Locheilside entrance

The station has a large expanse of gravel with a small shelter (and some radio gubbins) in the middle of it:

Locheilside shelter

It looks like there was supposed to be a garden at this western end of the platform, but it's a bit barren at the moment:

Locheilside barren area

On the platform, looking east:

Locheilside platform looking east

Looking west along the line from one end of the platform:

Locheilside looking west

Looking east along the line from the other end of the platform:

Locheilside looking east