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Hornbeam Park

Collected date 17/05/10

Hornbeam Park sign

Hornbeam Park is a small station in North Yorkshire, just south of Harrogate.

An unusual shot from underneath the crash barrier opposite of the entrance to platform 2 at Hornbeam Park station:

Hornbeam Park platform 2 entry

Extra footbridges have been added either side of the road bridge over the railway:

Hornbeam Park bridges

The ramped approach to platform 2, for trains northwards to Harrogate:

Approach to Hornbeam Park
platform 2

The ramp gives part way down onto some steps onto the platform:

Hornbeam Park platform 2 steps

The shelter:

Hornbeam Park platform 2

Looking northwards along the line from the end of platform 2:

Hornbeam Park looking north

Looking under the bridge towards platform 1:

Hornbeam Park platform 1 from
platform 2

A long view of platform 2 from the bridge:

Hornbeam Park platform 2 long

A second footbridge on the north side of the road bridge, with a ramp and steps down to platform 1 on the left:

Hornbeam Park bridge on
platform 1 side of road bridge

Platform 1 seen from the bridge:

Hornbeam Park platform 1
seen from bridge