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Collected date 15/09/16

Hindley sign

Like Westhoughton one stop down the line, Hindley is very well cared for, even though it now only has two of its original four platforms. It serves the Hindley area of Wigan. The main station building looks out on to Railway Street which runs parallel to the line to its south, but it's bricked up and in private ownership:

Hindley building rear

So we have to go back to Ladies Lane which crosses the line just to the west:

Hindley side

The entrance to the station is now via this portal:

Hindley entrance

Looking out from inside the entrance tunnel:

Hindley exit

Murals/art in noticeboards in the tunnel:

Hindley murals

The tunnel leads past a ticket office on to a footbridge. Looking back towards the ticket office:

Hindley tickets

The footbridge crosses the trackbed of disused lines:

Hindley disused trackbed

The old station building faces on to the disused platform:

Hindley front

A slightly faded Lancashire and Yorkshire 1921 plaque in the stonework next to the old station building:

Hindley nameplaque in stones

Looking at the footbridge span over the disused trackbed:

Hindley south footbridge span

The footbridge seen from platform 1 and the entrance to the ticket office visible in the top left:

Hindley footbridge

Steps lead down from the footbridge to platform 2:

Hindley building from platform 1

On platform 2 looking west towards the bridge:

Hindley platforms 1 and 2 looking west

The shelter on platform 2:

Hindley platform 2 shelter

Looking along the disused platform edge behind the shelter:

Hindley disused platform looking east

Platform 2 has ornaments behind the fences in the disused platform area:

Hindley platform 2 seen from platform 1

And further east along platform 2 are some planters:

Hindley platform 2 looking west

Locomotive planter:

Hindley locomotive planter

Looking west from the end of platform 2:

Hindley platforms looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 2:

Looking west under the footbridge:

Hindley looking west

From the next span of the footbridge we look east along the active line:

Hindley looking east from footbridge

The western end of platform 1 showing the steps up to the footbridge:

Hindley platform 1 end

At the bottom of the steps looking west under the bridge:

Hindley looking west under footbridge and road bridge

This shot shows the small gap between the footbridge and road bridge:

Hindley bridges

On platform 1 looking east with platform 2 on the right:

Hindley platforms 1 and 2 looking east

The western part of platform 1 has a brick wall and a shelter:

Hindley platform 1

But east of the shelter there are some mosaics on the wall:

Hindley platform 1 mosaics

And further beyond the mosaics is a beautifull garden with BR HINDLEY and a... platypus?

Hindley platform 1 garden

There's a path up to the top of the garden and the end of the bunting:

Hindley platform 1 bunting

A longer view of the garden from platform 2 opposite:

Hindley platform 1 garden from platform 2

A nature trail leads rounds behind the garden back up to the road:

Hindley platform 1 nature trail