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Collected date 15/09/16

Westhoughton sign

Many stations are decorated by a friends group, but Westhoughton, near Bolton, takes it to something of an extreme. Its well-kempt gardens are full of gnomes, figurines, statues, signs, and goodness knows what else.

It has two platforms, connected by a road bridge which crosses the line just west of the station. Here's the ramp leading down from the bridge to platform 1 for eastbound trains:

Westhoughton platform 1 ramp

Steps lead down from the end of the ramp to platform 1:

Westhoughton platform 1 steps

Down on platform 1 looking west towards the road bridge at the shelters:

Westhoughton platform 1 shelter

A view of platform 1's shelters seen from platform 2 opposite:

Westhoughton platform 1

Beyond the shelters is a mass of planting:

Westhoughton platform 1 gardens

Steps up to maintain the gardens for the gardeners. Perhaps for passengers to explore too but I wasn't quite bold enough!

Westhoughton platform 1 garden steps

Further along platform 1 looking west and observing the continuing planters:

Westhoughton platform 1 looking west

The fence is even adorned with gold-effect plastic finials:

Westhoughton platform 1 finials

Tiles spell "Welcome to Westhoughton" on the brick wall:

Westhoughton platform 1 bricks/tiles

At the end of the operational bit of platfofm 1 looking east along the line:

Westhoughton looking east

On this side of the line "Westy" stands in the shrubbery:

Westhoughton Westy statue

Climbing back up to the road bridge we look east at the platforms, 1 on the left and 2 on the right:

Westhoughton looking east from bridge

Looking west from the bridge along the line:

Westhoughton looking west from bridge

The entrance to platform 2 on the other side of the bridge:

Westhoughton platform 2 entrance

As well as the official entrance there's this entrance which apparently leads into the station gardens:

Westhoughton platform 2 garden gate

Looking down the approach ramp to platform 2:

Westhoughton platform 2 approach ramp

On the right of the approach ramp is this fine figure, "Arthur Station":

Westhoughton platform 2 Arthur Station

The ramp leads on to platform 2, seen here from platform 1 opposite:

Westhoughton platform 2

Gardens on the other side of the ramp:

Westhoughton platform 2 gardens

The mysterious case of the horse with a saw in its head:

Westhoughton horse with saw in its head

Bunting on platform 2:

Westhoughton platform 2 bunting