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Collected date 15/09/15

Hexham sign

Hexham station marks the midpoint of the Hadrian's Wall Country line between Carlisle and Newcastle. It's only two platforms, but they both have canopies and waiting rooms and the station is staffed.

The front of the station is on the south side of the line:

Hexham front

A longer view of the south side of the station site, with the public square and entrance on the right:

Hexham south side

The station house building to the left of the entrance:

Hexham house

East of the square in front of the station was the old goods yard, various of whose buildings have been demolished or reused for a retail park. There's this water tower:

Hexham water tower

Looking west towards the water tower and station from the retail park. The building on the right either is, or is mimicking, an old railway building:

Hexham old building looking west

Anyway, we should walk back to the station proper. Here's its entrance:

Hexham entrance

The entrance leads into a small corridor which leads to platform 2. Off this corridor is a small ticket office, with these plaques:

Hexham plaques

On platform 2, looking through a haze of hanging baskets at the rear of the station building. (The entrance to the platform is next to the footbridge in the distance.)

Hexham platform 2 rear

From the steps of the footbridge looking west along platform 2:

Hexham platform 2

To the right of the previous shot this bracket can be seen:

Hexham bracket

Above one of the doorways is this (wrong) BR clock:

Hexham clock

The station building houses a taxi office, a cafe, train servicing offices, and most importantly this remarkably luxurious waiting room:

Hexham waiting room

Looking west along the edge of platform 2:

Hexham platform 2 looking west

A glass screen marks the end of the canopy on platform 2:

Hexham platform 2 canopy western

Looking east at platform 2:

Hexham platform 2 looking east

The two sides of the station are connected by this footbridge, seen here from the opposite platform, platform 1:

Hexham footbridge

From the steps of the footbridge looking south over the roof of the station building:

Hexham platform 2 roof

From the footbridge, looking east at several sidings and a barrow crossing allowing level access between the two platforms:

Hexham looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge:

Hexham looking west from footbridge

Crossing the footbridge we reach platform 1. Looking east at the canopy on platform 1:

Hexham platform 1 canopy

Under the canopy on platform 1:

Hexham platform 1 under canopy

An "Edible Hexham" planter offers free fruit and veg to anyone that passes... once it's ready, anyway:

Hexham platform 1 planters

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Hexham looking west

Looking east from the other end of the platform:

Hexham looking east

A hole has been punched in the wall that backs platform 1 to provide a ramped entrance to this side of the station too:

Hexham platform 1 entrance

The rear of platform 1, showing its car park and the footbridge:

Hexham platform 1 rear

From the car park looking east at some sidings, with the signalbox in the distance:

Hexham sidings

It's a bit of a walk, but I got closer to the signalbox:

Hexham signalbox

At the other end of the station a bridge crosses the line, with arches under it used for various things:

Hexham arches

From the road bridge looking east towards the station site:

Hexham looking east from road

Looking west along the line from the road bridge:

Hexham looking west from road