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Collected date 15/09/15

Haltwhistle sign

Haltwhistle is one of the larger stations on the line between Carlisle and Newcastle, and it was once larger still with a branch line to Alston, now closed. We had a longish stop here so we wandered into town for a walk after exploring the station area.

The station sits to the south of the town, and has a large paved area between the buildings:

Haltwhistle approach

On the western side of the plaza area is this water tower:

Haltwhistle water tower

Looking east across the plaza towards the station building:

Haltwhistle plaza looking east

Steps and a ramp lead down from the plaza to the building, and thence to platform 1:

Haltwhistle platform 1 building

The front of the platform 1 station building:

Haltwhistle platform 1
building front

Beyond the building is the entrance to platform 1 itself as well as the footbridge leading to platform 2:

Haltwhistle platform 1 entrance

The station building is not in railway use, and platform 1 has a simpler wooden shelter:

Haltwhistle platform 1 shelter

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking west:

Haltwhistle platform 1 looking west

Looking east along the line from this point:

Haltwhistle looking east

Returning to the other end of the platform we climb on to the footbridge, looking east along the line:

Haltwhistle looking east from

Looking west from the footbridge:

Haltwhistle looking west from

The footbridge is next to what is possibly the station's most distinctive feature: its signalbox. Here's the signalbox and footbridge seen from platform 1:

Haltwhistle signalbox

A ramp leads down from platform 2 on the far side of the signalbox, giving this view of the box's rear:

Haltwhistle signalbox rear

The signalbox bears a plaque:

Haltwhistle plaque - National
Railway Heritage Awards - The Modern Railways Award presented to
Construction Marine Ltd. for North Eastern Railway Signalboxes at
Haltwhistle, Hexham and Wylam by Richard Bowker Chairman and Chief
Executive Strategic Rail Authority 2003

At the base of the footbridge on platform 2, looking back at the station building and water tower:

Haltwhistle buildings

On platform 2 looking east towards the signalbox with the shelter (wooden like platform 1's) on the right:

Haltwhistle platform 2 shelter

A view of the shelter from the plaza area opposite:

Haltwhistle platform 2
shelter long view

The shelter has an access ramp to its rear, which gives a clear idea that this was once an island platform with two sides:

Haltwhistle platform 2 rear
of shelter

Inside the shelter:

Haltwhistle inside the shelter

The old platform edge is clearly visible at the eastern end of platform 2:

Haltwhistle disused platform

At the western end of platform 2 looking east at the shelter and the fenced off platform area:

Haltwhistle platform 2 looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Haltwhistle looking west

Opposite platform 2 is a collection of portakabins and an old building:

Haltwhistle disused buildings