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Grimsby Docks

Collected date 23/08/11

Grimsby Docks sign

Grimsby Docks is a small station in north Grimsby, which was once busy with traffic and sidings for the nearby fish docks. Now that most of the freight travels by road, the station is a much diminished affair.

Looking at the ramp leading to the station's one platform:

Grimsby Docks entrance

On the platform, looking southwards in the direction of Grimsby Town. The station building would have been to the left:

Grimsby Docks platform

Looking north along the line, which curves right towards Cleethorpes:

Grimsby Docks looking north

At the other end of the platform looking north:

Grimsby Docks platform looking

Looking south along the line with a disused length of platform on the left:

Grimsby Docks looking south

Next to the shelter is this old notice:

Grimsby Docks old notice

An old platform edge, from when there was a bay platform here, now gives on to the car park:

Grimsby Docks disused