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Gretna Green

Collected date 13/09/14

Gretna Green sign

Our tickets allowed us as far as Lockerbie in Scotland, so we had to have at least a short scoot over the border, to Gretna Green.

Sadly the station isn't quite as romantic as the associations. Sure, there's the old station building just a short way east of the current station:

Gretna Green old station building

The side of the old station building, with the railway on the right:

Gretna Green building side

And there's the wedding garden, a few flowers on the roadside:

Gretna Green garden

But the station itself is a modern contraption with mad zigzag ramps leading up to the footbridge:

Gretna Green footbridge

A plaque celebrating the new station:

Gretna Green plaque - This
station and car park was funded by Dumfries and Galloway Regional
Council and Dumfries and Galloway Enterprise in partnership with

Looking west along the line from the footbridge, with the dual carriageway on the left:

Gretna Green from footbridge
looking west

Looking east from the footbridge:

Gretna Green from footbridge
looking east

As well as an entrance from the road, steps lead up to platform 1 from a subway:

Gretna Green platform 1 steps

The subway under the line from the platform 1 side:

Gretna Green subway

On platform 1, looking east:

Gretna Green platform 1 looking

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1, with the old station building on the left:

Gretna Green looking east

Platform 2 opposite:

Gretna Green platform 2

From the end of platform 1, looking west along the line:

Gretna Green looking west