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Collected date 15/09/15

Lockerbie sign

Lockerbie is on the West Coast Main Line, so you might expect perhaps a bit of hustle and bustle. But no, it was in full sleepy wayside mode when we visited, with perhaps two other passengers waiting for a train.

The front of the station building. The ticket office and waiting room is accessed through the black door in the centre of the picture:

Lockerbie front

The side of the station building. To the right, a gate leads on to platform 1:

Lockerbie side view

Through the gate, we're on platform 1, looking north. Platform 2 is on the right:

Lockerbie platforms looking north

The rear of the station building:

Lockerbie rear

A longer view of platform 1:

Lockerbie platform 1

Often found at Scotrail stations, and here just north of the station building, are these little barrel train planters:

Lockerbie planters in shape of

A footbridge (with lifts) joins the two platforms. Here it is seen from platform 2:

Lockerbie footbridge

From the footbridge looking south at the station:

Lockerbie looking south from

Looking north from the footbridge at the platforms which extend quite a long way (because West Coast trains can be looooong):

Lockerbie looking north from

Platform 2, seen from the footbridge:

Lockerbie platform 2

Looking north under the footbridge along platform 2:

Lockerbie platform 2 looking north

To the east of platform 2 is an electrified line which passes what was once another platform:

Lockerbie disused platform edge

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Lockerbie looking south