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Green Road

Collected date 14/09/15

Green Road sign

Along with Silecroft, Green Road was one of the two stations towards the southern end of the Cumbrian Coast line that we missed on our previous trip to the area so had to catch up on this year. It's a simple affair with two platforms, a level crossing, and two brick buildings. The level crossing, which sits at the north end of the station:

Green Road level crossing

The larger of the two station buildings is on platform 1. It provides no indoor waiting facilities but does have a small canopy to shelter waiting passengers. Platform 1, showing the station building:

Green Road platform 1

The building seen from the north:

Green Road platform 1 looking north

Under the small canopy looking south:

Green Road platform 1 front side

Platform 1's building backs on to a small gravelled area used as a car park:

Green Road platform 1 rear

Platform 2 has a small brick shelter and bench:

Green Road shelter

At the far end of platform 2 looking north:

Green Road platform 2 looking north

A wider view showing both platforms:

Green Road platforms looking

Looking south from the ebd of platform 2 with a significant amount of disused platform edge visible:

Green Road looking south

Back at the level crossing, looking north along the line:

Green Road looking north