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Collected date 14/09/15

Silecroft sign

Silecroft is on the Cumbrian Coast Line, but was skipped on 2014's station collecting holiday for reasons of time. This did mean we had quite a trek to get down to it the following year, when we were based rather further away. Still, we made it down there to fill in the gap, and found a quiet little village station looking rather neat.

The station has two platforms, which are connected by the level crossing at the southern end of the station:

Silecroft level crossing

Standing on the south (Barrow) bound platform 2, looking northwards:

Silecroft platform 2 entrance

Platform 2 has a simple shelter:

Silecroft platform 2

The level crossing is controlled by this signalbox:

Silecroft signalbox

Looking south along the line from the signalbox:

Silecroft looking south

On the other side of the level crossing looking north at platform 1:

Silecroft platform 1 entrance

Platform 1 seen from platform 2:

Silecroft platform 1

From the end of platform 1 looking north, with a disused length of platform visible:

Silecroft looking north