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Denby Dale

Collected date 18/05/10

Denby Dale sign

Denby Dale station is a small station on the Penistone line between Penistone and Shepley. The area around the station is dominated by the Denby Dale viaduct, one of whose piers bears the station information boards:

Denby Dale viaduct

Taking the road (Wood Lane) to the right of the viaduct in the previous picture leads us past a roundabout serving as a bus station to an old shed:

Denby Dale approach

To the right a footbridge crosses the line:

Denby Dale bridge

Rounding the corner of the shed into the station car park, we see mosaics in the old windows:

Denby Dale shed mosaics

A ramp at the northern end of the station's one platform (the line is single-track here) leads into the car park. Looking north:

Denby Dale looking north

Looking south along the platform:

Denby Dale platform

Detail of a bench on the platform:

Denby Dale bench

The shelter on the platform:

Denby Dale shelter

From the southern end of the platform, looking south along the line:

Denby Dale looking south

At the southern end of the platform, steps lead down into a subway:

Denby Dale subway entrance

There was a left turn at the end of the subway, but it is now blocked off:

Denby Dale subway -
blocked entrance

In the subway, looking west:

Denby Dale in subway

On the other side of the line steps, presumably once leading up to a second platform, are bricked off:

Denby Dale blocked steps

The steps leading up to the subway on the western side of the station:

Denby Dale steps to subway

The ramped exit through the woodland leading back to Wakefield Road:

Denby Dale exit