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Collected date 17/09/15

Dalston sign

Dalston station is the last station on the Cumbrian Coast Line before Carlisle, but we ended up spending quite a while there as the first train we intended to catch simply failed to turn up...

On the south side of the line, the entrance to Dalston station is via a passage next to a big industrial building;

Dalston platform 1 entrance

The entrance leads on to platform 1 between the industrial building and a brick shelter:

Dalston platform 1 looking west

Looking along platform 1 from the western end of the platform:

Dalston from west end

A footbridge joins the two platforms:

Dalston footbridge

An old building sits on platform 1 next to the industrial building:

Dalston platform 1 building

From the footbridge, looking east:

Dalston looking easst from

Looking west from the footbridge:

Dalston looking west from

On platform 2 looking west towards the footbridge:

Dalston platforms looking west

From the western end of platform 2, looking east along the platform:

Dalston platform 2 from west end

Half way along platform 2 is a station building:

Dalston platform 2 building seen
from platform 1

A side view of the station building:

Dalston platform 2 building

At the western end of platform 2 is a small ramped exit:

Dalston platform 2 exit

East of the station is a bridge and ground frame:

Dalston looking east Dalston stn no 1 ground frame

On leaving the station by the platform 1 exit again, I passed this siding:

Dalston siding

A road (called Hailway Cottages) leads up and over the railway line. From the road bridge looking west at the station:

Dalston looking west from

The bridge gives a good view of the platform 1 buildings:

Dalston platform 1 buildings

Looking east along the line from the other side of the bridge:

Dalston looking east from