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Collected date 06/07/13

Croston sign

We cycled to Croston from Burscough Bridge and found the village celebrating its annual Coffee Day, a local carnival in which all the village shops and pubs take part. So we decided to sit on the grass in the sunshine and watch bands go past before returning to the station. The station itself is a small single track halt at the north end of the village.

In the car park looking west towards the platform:

Croston car park

From the car park, the entrance to the single platform:

Croston entrance

On the platform at its northern end, looking south:

Croston platform

The platform and shelter:

Croston shelter

Looking south along the line from the end of the platform:

Croston looking south

Looking north along the platform at Croston:

Croston platform looking north

At the other end of the platform, looking north:

Croston looking north

A ramp leads up from the car park to street level. Looking back down the ramp:

Croston ramp

From the road bridge over the line, looking south:

Croston looking south from

As you can see from the bridge, there is a second disused platform at Croston. Here it is at platform level:

Croston disused platform

A gravel road leads down to the disused platform from the road:

Croston disused platform ramp