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Cross Gates

Collected date 17/05/10

Cross Gates sign

Cross Gates station serves an eastern suburb of Leeds, on a line leading east out of Leeds station itself.

The pub to the north of the line - once connected to the station?

Cross Gates building

Round the back of the building there's a much more likely candidate for station building, on the left:

Cross Gates building rear

Steps down just to the left of the previous photograph. The sign on the left tells of a closed footbridge, of which there are still traces:

Cross Gates northern entrance

The steps lead out onto a ramp up to the front of the station pub:

Cross Gates north side

Looking east down the ramp towards platform 1:

Cross Gates platform 1 ramp

On platform 1:

Cross Gates platform 1

The shelter and waiting area on platform 1:

Cross Gates platform 1 shelter

Looking west at platform 1 from its eastern end:

Cross Gates platform 1 looking west

Looking east along the line from the eastern end of platform 1:

Cross Gates looking east

Looking at the road bridge at the western end of platform 1:

Cross Gates looking west

The road bridge is the route connecting the two sides of the station, and gives a good view of the whole station:

Cross Gates from bridge
looking east

The building on the southern side of the station is one that can be seen in older photos of the station, serving originally as booking offices:

Cross Gates south side building

The front of the building on the south side, facing onto "Station View":

Cross Gates south building

This view of the side of the building shows its new use:

Cross Gates south building

The rear of the building:

Cross Gates south building

Mimicking a 1905 shot, we look back towards the road on the ramp leading down to platform 2:

Cross Gates platform 2 exit

In the 1905 version of the previous photo, a footbridge led off to the right to link up with platform 1 opposite. This bridge was closed in the 90s and removed in 2008, but evidence remains. This new brick, and a patch opposite, mark where the bridge was:

Cross Gates old footbridge

A closer look at the brickwork and pier of the old bridge:

Cross Gates old footbridge

The shelter on platform 2:

Cross Gates platform 2