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Collected date 22/08/12

Corrour sign

Famously the most remote station in the UK, inaccessible by public roads, Corrour station is nevertheless home to the superb Corrour Station House Restaurant. From Fort William you can easily get there and back in an evening and have plenty of time for dinner, so I decided to do exactly that.

The station's two platforms are on an island separated from the station house by a siding. Looking south along the central platforms as the train disappears off:

Corrour platforms looking south

The shelter and scales on the island platform:

Corrour shelter and scales

Looking north on the west side of the island:

Corrour platform looking north

Looking north along the island platform. The freight wagons on the siding aren't usually there, but a freight train derailed near Tulloch a few weeks before, and this was the nearest place the wagons could be parked.

Corrour platforms looking north

The derailment happened just before the station house restaurant opened in new hands, and the couple operating it were worried that the wagons were blocking people's view of the restaurant. Here there is certainly only a small gap:

Corrour entrance

The path leading from the island platform to the level crossing that gives access to Rannoch Moor either side of the line:

Corrour island path

Looking north beyond the level crossing:

Corrour looking north

The track leading up to the level crossing:

Corrour level crossing approach

On the other side of the freight wagons, we're on a path leading to the station house building:

Corrour path

The station information board. Opprtunities for onward travel are limited unless you want to walk:

Corrour information board

The front of the station house:

Corrour front

The track leading up to the rear of the station building:

Corrour approach

This building stands at the southern end of the island platform:

Corrour island platform building

The side of the building seen from the island platform:

Corrour building side

Looking south along the line:

Corrour looking south