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Collected date 23/08/12

Tulloch sign

I walked to Tulloch from nearby Roy Bridge on one of those Highland days where it threatens to rain but never quite musters the effort. The station building is now used as a youth hostel, seen here from the rear:

Tulloch rear

Just to the east of the station building is the entrance to the platforms:

Tulloch entrance

The entrance gives onto platform 1, near this small signalbox:

Tulloch signalbox

Looking east from the end of platform 1:

Tulloch looking east

From the eastern end of platform 1, looking west along the platforms:

Tulloch platforms looking west

The platform side of the station building. The planters are looking somewhat dishevelled:

Tulloch building

In the middle of the station building is this archway, presumably once a ticket office window complete with a space for a clock:

Tulloch archway

At the western end of the platforms is a barrow crossing which gives access to the opposite platform. There are sidings on the right, controlled by the ground frame:

Tulloch looking west

The ground frame:

Tulloch Up Sdgs GF

At the western end of platform 2 at Tulloch, what looks like the base of a building, perhaps an old signalbox:

Tulloch signalbox base

Looking east along the platforms from the end of platform 2:

Tulloch platforms looking east

On platform 2, a mosaic of pebbles spelling out the station name:

Tulloch stones