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Collected date 29/04/12

Cookham sign

Cookham station is only a short walk (or train ride) from Bourne End on the other side of the Thames, so I made my way here on foot for a train onwards to Marlow. The station is up a slight rise:

Cookham station front

The canopied entrance to the (closed) booking office:

Cookham entrance

On the north side of the station building is a new clock, placed there for the Millennium:

Cookham station clock Plaque noting Cookham station clock

The road crosses the line just to the north of the station:

Cookham level crossing

The entrance to the platform is on the other side of the building:

Cookham entryway

The rear of the station building, seen from the level crossing:

Cookham station building rear

On the station platform, looking north towards the level crossing:

Cookham platform looking north

Looking north at, and beyond the level crossing:

Cookham level crossing looking north Cookham looking north

Looking south along the platform:

Cookham looking south along platform

Opposite the one operational platform is a disused platform edge, and an old railway structure which has been incorporated into a larger building:

Cookham disused platform

Looking south along the line:

Cookham looking south