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Collected date 13/09/16

Castleton sign

Castleton is a small station on the line between Rochdale and Manchester, at the point where the line to Heywood branched off and may again if the East Lancashire Railway's plans for a junction here come to fruition.

The two platforms are joined by the A664 Manchester Road which passes over the line at the south end of the station. On platform 2, looking at the bridge:

Castleton looking south

Looking up the steps from platform 2 to the bridge:

Castleton platform 2 steps

Looking north along platform 2 from next to the steps:

Castleton platform 2 looking north

Part way down platform 2 is a level entrance from Railway Approach:

Castleton platform 2 entrance

Looking south along platform 2, where the entrance is just beyond the shelter:

Castleton platform 2 looking south

A view of both platforms from towards the northern end of the station:

Castleton platforms looking south

At the far end of platform 2, looking north along the line:

Castleton, looking north

Going up on to the road bridge to cross to the other platform, we pause to look south along the line:

Castleton looking south from bridge

In the distance is Castleton East Junction signalbox, looking after the junction with the East Lancashire Railway's connection to Heywood:

Castleton East Junction signalbox

An overview of platform 1 from platform 2 opposite:

Castleton platform 1 from platform 2

A rectangular "cut-out" waiting area has cycle racks, seats, and train information:

Castleton platform 1 waiting area

Plaques in the waiting area thanking Rochdale in Bloom:

Castleton platform 1 plaques

The station was 175 years old in 2014, even though little of the original infrastructure is evident:

Castleton anniversary plaque

Looking south along platform 1:

Castleton platform 1 looking south