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Collected date 13/09/16

Rochdale has had a station here for a long time (since 1889) but it was curtailed a lot over the years with platforms and entrances closed. Recent renovation has recovered some of the original station features, though, and when we visited an extra platform was being constructed.

The station is to the south of Rochdale town centre. The north-facing entrance to the station:

Rochdale front

Manchester's Metrolink service leaves the railway alignment in front of the station:

Rochdale tram alignment approach

The tram stop is a little way away from the station frontage:

Rochdale tram stop

The station entrance leads into a subway:

Rochdale subway

Only the northern end of the subway is in active railway use, and a lift and stairs connect up to the operational platforms here:

Rochdale subway north end, looking north

Walking through to the other end of the subway we find a second entrance to the station area from Miall Street:

Rochdale south entrance

The southern end of the subway goes under a disused section of trackbed:

Rochdale under disused track

Beyond the stretch of disused track is an open area. Looking west:

Rochdale subway looking west

Opposite this is the stepped entrance to the now disused island platform area:

Rochdale subway looking east

Loking north from this point we see a second set of disused trackbeds:

Rochdale subway looking north

In the subway on the tiles are a number of posters with pictures of the station in earlier times:

Rochdale subway pictures - 2012, before renovation began Rochdale subway pictures - station front 1913 Rochdale subway pictures - 1913 - Royal train at Rochdale Railway Station Rochdale station subway information board Rochdale subway pictures - 1965 - Station underpass and wrought ironwork Rochdale subway pictures - 1950s

Back to the modern station, we look up the steps which lead up to the concourse:

Rochdale concourse steps

The steps have a large stairwell above them which lets in light:

Rochdale stairwell

The clock was donated by the Co-Op in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Rochdale Pioneers:

Rochdale clock

Looking up at the concourse from the steps:

Rochdale concourse

Inside the concourse:

Rochdale in concourse

Ahead of us from here is platform 3:

Rochdale platform 3

Looking east along platform 3:

Rochdale platform 3 looking east

A view west at the station building:

Rochdale building

Looking west at platform 3:

Rochdale platform 3 looking west

A barrier blocks off the very end of platform 3, as platform 4 is almost in service. Peeking beyond the barrier we can see it:

Rochdale platforms 3 and 4

From platform 3 we can also look south at the ironwork above the subway and a short section of disused platform edge:

Rochdale disused platform

A passage leads through the station building to connect both sides of the island platform with each other and with the lift:

Rochdale connecting passage

On the opposite side of the station building from platform 3 is platform 1. Looking west next to the station building towards the barriers which block the passage to the new platform 4:

Rochdale platform 1 entrance

Further down the platform looking west:

Rochdale platform 1 looking west

Just to the east of the station building is the bay platform 2:

Rochdale platform 2 looking east

Looking west along platform 2 towards the buffers:

Rochdale platform 2 looking west

The bay once clearly held another track and its platform edge is still present if rather dilapidated:

Rochdale disused platform edge

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 2, and we can just see where the tram track joins the railway alignment on the left:

Rochdale looking east