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Collected date 21/05/10

Castleford sign

Although a line passes east-west through Castleford station, the eastern end is now only a goods line, and so trains reverse here on their way between Woodlesford and either Glasshoughton or Normanton via the junction just west of the station. (Because of this, it can be harder to catch the station when it's not full of people, so these photos were taken on two different days.)

The main approach to the station from the town itself is from the south via this tunnel which goes under the line:

Castleford tunnel

The side of the tunnel:

Castleford tunnel

There is no access to the station other than via the tunnel but the old signalbox on this side of the track can clearly be seen:

Castleford old signalbox

Exiting the tunnel one comes to the car park:

Castleford station approach

The entrance to the station from the car park:

Castleford entrance

The shelter on platform 1:

Castleford platform 1 shelter

Looking west on platform 1 with the other side of the signalbox visible:

Castleford platform 1 looking west

Looking west along the line we see the junction:

Castleford looking west

Looking east on platform 1:

Castleford platform 1 looking east

The opposite platform is not in use, so the footbridge is gated off:

Castleford footbridge end

The disused footbridge ends on the disused platform opposite:

Castleford disused footbridge

The disused platform:

Castleford disused platform

East of the footbridge on platform 1, some shrubbery:

Castleford garden

At the eastern end of platform 1 is an old building:

Castleford platform 1 building

The front and side of the building seen from the car park:

Castleford platform 1
building front Castleford platform 1 building