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Collected date 20/05/10

Woodlesford sign

The day's last station, Woodlesford is a quiet stop south-east of Leeds.

The entrance ramp to platform 1, from the northern end of the station:

Woodlesford platform 1

On platform 1:

Woodlesford platform 1

Looking north from the northern end of platform 1:

Woodlesford looking north

At the time of our visit, this light-controlled foot crossing linked the two platforms. Safety, though not beauty, has subsequently been enhanced with the installation of a ginormous footbridge.

Woodlesford crossing

Looking up on to platform 2 from the crossing:

Woodlesford platform 2

On platform 2, looking south:

Woodlesford platform 2

Looking south from the end of platform 2:

Woodlesford looking south

A view of the whole of the station from platform 2:

Woodlesford station