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Collected date 24/08/11

Carlton sign

Carlton station serves a suburb of Nottingham and lies on the line between Nottingham and Lincoln. The entrance to platform 2, for westbound trains:

Carlton platform 2 entrance

On platform 2, looking west:

Carlton platform 2

A longer view of platform 2, from the station car park opposite:

Carlton platform 2 from opposite

Looking back from the entrance to platform 2 at the level crossing:

Carlton level crossing

On the same side of the road but the opposite side of the line is a small building which seems older than the rest of the station. You can see its roof peeking out from behind the railings:

Carlton old building

The entrance to platform 1:

Carlton platform 1 entrance

On platform 1, looking west back towards the level crossing:

Carlton platform 1 looking west

Looking east on platform 1:

Carlton looking east