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Burton Joyce

Collected date 24/08/11

Burton Joyce sign

Burton Joyce station lies a short walk along the Nottingham Road from nearby Lowdham. Not necessarily a very pleasant walk, mind, and (as usual) I didn't allow quite enough time for it...

I arrived at the station across the level crossing:

Burton Joyce level crossing

Access to platform 2 up a small ramp from the road:

Burton Joyce platforms looking

Mid-way along platform 2, looking east towards the level crossing and shelter:

Burton Joyce platform 2 looking

Further along platform 2, these supports hang from the railing, presumably once holding telegraph wires:

Burton Joyce supports

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Burton Joyce looking west

On the other side of the line is platform 1, again with its entrance next to the level crossing:

Burton Joyce platform 1

The shelter on platform 1:

Burton Joyce platform 1

Attached to the fence on platform 1 is this campaign poster. Seeing a few similar signs on my way here I thought it was complaining about aeroplanes, but now I see that it's a campaign against wonky aeroplanes:

Burton Joyce campaign