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Collected date 13/09/14

Burneside sign

Burneside is a small stop on the Windermere branch, serving the small village of Burneside. The front of the old station building, to the east of the line:

Burneside front

To the side of the station building is the entrance to the station, with a path crossing the line ahead and the platform on the right:

Burneside entrance

Looking north at the platform from the entrance:

Burneside platform looking north

The modern shelter on the platform:

Burneside shelter

At the northern end of the platform looking south:

Burneside platform looking south

Looking north along the line from the end of the platform:

Burneside looking north

Looking south along the line from the other end of the platform. The reear of the station building is on the left, and the level crossing and a disused second platform on the right:

Burneside looking south

On the other side of the level crossing, looking east:

Burneside level crossing

From the level crossing looking at the platform:

Burneside platform

Looking south along the disused platform:

Burneside disused platform

Rails can be seen in the tarmac to the front of the station, perhaps remnants of some siding or yard:

Burneside rails Burneside rails looking north