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Burley Park

Collected date 17/05/10

Burley Park sign

Burley Park is a station in the Burley area of Leeds, a short distance from Headingley station and on the line towards Harrogate.

The entrance to platform 1 at Burley Park:

Burley Park platform 1

The entrance and shelter on platform 1, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Burley Park platform 1 seeen from
platform 2

Looking south along platform 1:

Burley Park platform 1 looking south

Looking north from the end of platform 1:

Burley Park platform 1 looking north

Looking south from the other end:

Burley Park platform 1 looking south

The ramp leading up from the entrance to platform 1 towards Ashville Road, which crosses the line at the southern end of the station:

Burley Park platform 1 ramp

Looking north from the road bridge at the station:

Burley Park looking north
from bridge

Crossing the bridge, some steps lead down to platform 2:

Burley Park platform 2

There is also a level entrance to platform 2 from Beechwood Crescent just around the corner:

Burley park platform 2

On platform 2, looking north:

Burley Park platform 2 looking

Looking south on platform 2 at the shelter and road bridge:

Burley Park platform 2 shelter