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Broad Green

Collected date 02/07/13

Broad Green sign

Broad Green station dates from the 19th Century, but the current station buildings are from the 1970s and the station's position in the shadow of the M62 makes it far from the most pleasant place to wait on Merseyrail's network. The front of the station building, from a road just north of the motorway:

Broad Green front

The rear of the station building seen from the platform opposite:

Broad Green rear

On platform 1, looking east at the station building:

Broad Green platform 1 looking east

The building on platform 1 is decorated with mosaics:

Broad Green platform 1 building

The plaque explaining the mosaics:

Broad Green plaque

Looking west along the line at Broad Green:

Broad Green looking west

From the other end of platform 1 looking east along the line:

Broad Green looking east

A subway connects the two platforms. The entrance to the subway on platform 1, behind frosted glass:

Broad Green platform 1
subway entry

This end of the subway is not rounded, and looks like it has been bricked up like at Roby:

Broad Green subway end

The end of the subway from the steps up to platform 2:

Broad Green platform 2 subway

Looking up from the subway at the exit onto platform 2:

Broad Green platform 2 subway

Platform 2, with its shelter n the right and the subway on the left:

Broad Green platform 2

What Broad Green is for, apart from the M62, is Broadgreen Hospital and the Trans-Pennine Trail which was once a railway itself:

Broad Green for Broadgreen Hospital
and Trans-Pennine Trail

There is an entrance to platform 2 from the other side of the line, just behind the shelter:

Broad Green platform 2 entry

The approach to platform 2 on the north side of the line:

Broad Green platform
2 approach

The sign on the platform 2 side:

Broad Green platform 2 sign