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Collected date 02/07/13

Roby sign

Roby station was changing at the time we visited, with long disused platforms and tracks being revived to cope with the expansion of rail in the area. The approach to the station building at Roby looks normal enough, though:

Roby approach

The entrance to platform 1:

Roby platform 1 entrance

The station building backs on to platform 1 for west-bound trains:

Roby platform 1 rear

Under the canopy on platform 1:

Roby platform 1 under canopy

Looking east along platform 1:

Roby platform 1 looking east

Mosaic designs on the wall on platform 1:

Roby platform 1 mosaics

The door from platform 1 into the station building. Beyond the yellow shutter is the ticket office. Before it on the right is access to the subway which connects the two platforms:

Roby platform 1 door

In the subway, looking north at a bricked-up subway end, with the entrance to platform 2 on the right:

Roby disused subway end

The subway emerges on platform 2 inside a shelter:

Roby subway entrance

Looking east from the end of platform 2:

Roby looking east

Looking west along platform 2 from the same point:

Roby platform 2 looking west

The northern access to the station goes direct into the shelter on platform 2:

Roby platform 2 shelter

Not for much longer, though. Immediately behind platform 2 a disused platform has been cleared:

Roby disused platform

And looking east along a freshly cleared stretch of disused trackbed with another platform edge on the left:

Roby disused track

Looking the other way the former subway can be seen, probably soon to be revived to provide access again to the newly island platform:

Roby disused subway

The entrance to the station on its northern side:

Roby entrance