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Collected date 11/09/16

Broadbottom sign

Broadbottom station is on the line to Glossop and still boasts a substantial station building, although one that has been extended multiple times. The enttrance to the station is from Mottram Road to the north of the line, either down these steps:

Broadbottom platform 1 side steps

Or through this entrance:

Broadbottom ramped entrance on platform 1 side

Which leads down this ramp to the station building:

Ramp leading to Broadbottom platform 1

At the bottom of the steps and ramp is the station building, which is mostly in private hands now. However the part of the building on the left still provides a ticket office, so one might guess that this newer side building provides an entrance to the house:

Broadbottom side building

A large cobbled car park sits to the east of the station building:

Broadbottom car park

At the eastern end of the car park is this old shed, with the entrance to the car park on the left:

Broadbottom shed

The building seen from platform 2:

Broadbottom building

The eaves are decorated:

Broadbottom eaves

A face-on view of the station building from the opposite platform. Everything to the left of the three storey section is a modern addition:

Broadbottom building seen from platform 2

On platform 1 looking east:

Broadbottom platform 1 looking east

A footbridge provides a connection between the two platforms:

Broadbottom footbridge

Under the footbridge looking east along platform 1:

Broadbottom platform 1 under footbridge

Some of the platform edging on platform 1 has evidently been arranged without due regard for spelling:

Broadbottom platform 1 edge Mtep

Up on the footbridge we look east with the goods shed and car park visible on the left:

Broadbottom looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge:

Broadbottom looking west from footbridge

Over on platform 2 there's only a wooden shelter:

Broadbottom platform 2 shelter

Walking to the end of platform 2 we look east along the line:

Broadbottom looking east

Looking west along the platforms from the end of platform 2:

Broadbottom platforms looking west

At the other end of the platform we look west along the line at the Moss Lane road bridge which crosses here:

Broadbottom looking west

There's also a stepped/ramped access from Moss Lane to platform 2. Looking down towards platform 2:

Broadbottom platform 2 ramp

The entrance to platform 2 from Moss Lane:

Broadbottom platform 2 entrance

Looking east at the station from the footbridge:

Broadbottom looking east from bridge