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Belle Vue

Collected date 16/09/16

Belle Vue sign

The delightfully named Belle Vue station sits on the line between Manchester Piccadilly and New Mills. It doesn't have a great deal - just two platforms and shelters connected by a road bridge to the station's north. From the bridge we can see the platforms:

Belle Vue looking south from bridge

Information signs tell you which way to go on the bridge:

Belle Vue informational signs

Inside the entrance to platform 1 looking back at the bridge:

Belle Vue platform 1 exit

Down the ramp towards the platform we look back at the bridge:

Belle Vue bridge seen from ramp to platform 1

And along towards the platform:

Belle Vue platform 1 approach

The entrance to platform 1:

Belle Vue platform 1 entrance

Platform 1, with a simple shelter:

Belle Vue platform 1

Looking north from the end of platform 1:

Belle Vue looking north

At the other end of platform 1 looking back north at the platforms:

Belle Vue platforms looking north

Looking south down the line:

Belle Vue looking south

Going back up to the bridge we get a quick long view of platform 2, being cleared of leaves:

Belle Vue platform 2 long view

The entrance to platform 2 from the bridge:

Belle Vue platform 2 entrance

Down the approach steps to platform 2:

Belle Vue platform 2 approach

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Belle Vue platform 2

On platform 2 looking north:

Belle Vue platform 2 looking north

Looking south along platform 2:

Belle Vue platform 2 looking south