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Bare Lane

Collected date 10/09/14

Bare Lane sign

Bare Lane station is a small station on the outskirts of Morecambe, and a very pleasant walk along the shore from Morecambe itself. The station has two platforms, connected by a level crossing at the western end of the station. The entrance to platform 1, from which most trains depart:

Bare Lane platform 1 entry

Platform 1 is backed onto by the station building, seen here from platform 2 opposite:

Bare Lane rear

A ramped entrance leads up onto platform 1 from the car park:

Bare Lane ramp

The road leading behind the station building to the car park and ramp:

Bare Lane car park entrance

Back on the road and over the level crossing looking from platform 2 back towards platform 1:

Bare Lane level crossing

Next to the etrance of platform 2 is the remains of a now demolished signal box. It must have gone quite recently since signs at the station still direct people to the platform "next to the signal box":

Bare Lane old signalbox

The entrance to platform 2, which is only used by trains to and from Heysham Port:

Bare Lane platform 2 entrance

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Bare Lane platform 2

On platform 2, looking west towards the level crossing:

Bare Lane platform 2 looking west

Further down the platform, looking west:

Bare Lane platforms looking west

Looking east from the end of the operational part of platform 2:

Bare Lane looking east