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Heysham Port

Collected date 10/09/14

Heysham Port sign

Heysham Port was a short cycle ride from Lancaster and is the main port for getting to Douglas on the Isle of Man. In spite of that the station is only small and only has train services to coincide with one sailing a day. The approach to the station from the car park:

Heysham Port entrance

The rear of the platform:

Heysham Port rear

A ramp leads up to the platform:

Heysham Port ramp

On the platform, looking east, with a disused platform edge on the left:

Heysham Port platform looking

At the end of the operational platform looking east along the rest of its length (and that of the disused platform opposite):

Heysham Port looking east

On the platform, looking west towards the port terminal, with its security, who quickly became interested in my wandering around with a camera. So these shots were previewed by a curious detective, who warned me not to take photos inside the restricted area or of the nearby nuclear power station.

Heysham Port looking west