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Bank Hall

Collected date 01/07/13

Bank Hall sign

Bank Hall is the first station after Merseyrail's Northern Line branches towards Southport and was the last station of the second day's exploring of Merseyside.

The front of the station building, on a bridge over the line:

Bank Hall front

Part of the station frontage is bricked up:

Bank Hall disused entrance

The side of the station building has steps leading down from the bricked-up doorway:

Bank Hall side

The rear of the station building with the disused steps on the right:

Bank Hall rear

The steps lead down to a disused platform:

Bank Hall disused platform

Back to the operational parts of the station, looking down the steps to the single island platform:

Bank Hall from bridge looking

On the platforms, looking north:

Bank Hall platforms looking north

At the northern end of the platforms looking back towards the station building:

Bank Hall platforms

An odd paving pattern runs intermittently down the centre of the platform:

Bank Hall paving

Looking north along the line:

Bank Hall looking north

Looking south along the line:

Bank Hall looking south