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Collected date 17/05/10

Baildon sign

Baildon is a small town north of Bradford on the line towards Ilkley. The entrance from the south-east is via a bridge which crosses the line:

Baildon bridge entrance

Looking northeast along the line from the footbridge:

Baildon from bridge looking
eastwards along the line

Looking southwest from the bridge at the station:

Baildon from bridge looking

The bridge, and steps up to it, seen from platform level:

Baildon footbridge

On the platform looking at the shelter and building:

Baildon platform

The platform side of the station building, which is now in private hands:

Baildon station building front

A view of both the used and disused platforms:

Baildon platforms

The side/rear of the station building:

Baildon rear

Looking westwards along the line at Baildon:

Baildon looking west