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Collected date 18/09/15

Armathwaite sign

Armathwaite is the first station south of Carlisle on the Settle-Carlisle line, and serves the small (but bustling, if the event posters dotted around were anything to go by) village of the same name. The line runs north-south a little way up the valley side from the village, and each platform has its own independent access from the road. The entrance to platform 1, for northbound trains:

Armathwaite platform 1 entrance

On platform 1, looking south at the modern (but still pleasingly Midland red) shelter:

Armathwaite platform 1

At the north end of platform 1 next to the entrance there is a disused bay of some sort:

Armathwaite disused bay

Looking north along the line we can see a signalbox, of which more later:

Armathwaite looking north

The main old station building on platform 1 is now a private house, but it's well looked after. The front of the station building facing the railway:

Armathwaite platform 1 building

Leaving the station, there's a better view of the rear of the station building:

Armathwaite rear/side view Armathwaite rear view

The road curves down and dives under the railway. Looking up the road towards the railway bridge:

Armathwaite bridge

From the road steps lead up:

Armathwaite platform 2 entrance

And then there's a long and fairly steep path up to platform level:

Armathwaite platform 2

The path reaches platform 2 at its southern end. Looking south from here down the line:

Armathwaite looking south

On platform 2 looking north:

Armathwaite platform 2 looking

The waiting room on platform 2:

Armathwaite platform 2 building

The side of the building:

Armathwaite platform 2
building side

Inside the waiting room it's all Midland red benches, leaflets, and a selection of books to read while you wait:

Armathwaite inside the
waiting room

There's no train information at this station (or others along the line), so a phone line is provided to ask the signaller for information. Whether or not the signaller appreciates being phoned for help, we're not told. There is a frog on the telephone here on platform 2:

Armathwaite telephone and frog

Looking south along both platforms from the northern end of platform 2:

Armathwaite platforms looking

Beyond the north end of platform 2 a path leads to the signalbox, which is now a museum piece having been taken out of railway use some years ago. The approach to the signalbox:

Armathwaite signalbox

The signalbox itself, painted in its rather garish original colours:

Armathwaite signalbox

Climbing the steps we can look in on the signaller, who is a dummy:

Armathwaite inside the signalbox

Looking south from the signalbox towards the platforms:

Armathwaite looking south from

Peering through the ground floor windows of the signalbox, the machinery underneath can be seen:

Armathwaite under the

Opposite the signalbox is a goods shed, now converted to a private home. Like the station buildings, the goods sheds along the line follow a common design:

Armathwaite goods shed