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Collected date 19/09/15

Appleby sign

Appleby is one of the largest stations on the Settle and Carlisle line and was one of the only two to survive the closures on the line in the 1970s. Now, like the rest of the line, it is fully open with beautifully maintained station buildings in Midland Railway red. As a larger station it even boasts a ticket office...

The line runs across the northeast edge of the village of Appleby, with an approach south of the line from Clifford Street:

Approach to Appleby

The front of the station building:

Appleby front

The entrance from the car park gives on to platform 1 for trains towards Carlisle. Looking out of the exit from platform 1:

Appleby exit

The side of the main building to our left as we walk onto platform 1:

Appleby side

A long view of the rear of the station building from the platform opposite:

Appleby rear

On the station building is a plaque commemorating Eric Treacy who died on Appleby Station in 1978:

Appleby plaque

On platform 1 looking west:

Appleby platforms looking west

Looking east alongside the station building:

Appleby platform 1 looking east

Just west of the station buildings a footbridge crosses the track:

Appleby footbridge

The lamps on the footbridge are particularly curly:

Appleby lamp

At the western end of platform 1 the line crosses Station Road where this gradiant marker stands:

Appleby bridge parapet

Looking out south from the road bridge; the road leading up to the station front is on the left:

Appleby looking south from platform 1 road bridge

Looking west towards the end of the platform:

Appleby platform 1 looking west

Looking along platform 1 from the western end:

Appleby platform 1 from western end

From the footbridge looking east along the line:

Appleby looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge:

Appleby looking west from footbridge

Platform 2 also has a building, open as a waiting room:

Appleby platform 2 building

A plaque on the platform 2 building commemorating the supply of the millionth steel sleeper from Corus Rail to Railtrack:

Appleby steel plaque

The side of the platform 2 building:

Appleby platform 2 building side

Inside the platform 2 building, which is clean and heated:

Appleby inside platform 2 shelter

Just east of the platform 2 building is this milepost from the days when the line was a through route to London:

Appleby milepost

Beyond the building, looking east along platform 2:

Appleby looking east

The station name is spelled out in pebbles:

Appleby station name in rocks

Steam services sometimes pass this way and can be watered with this crane:

Appleby water crane

The water tower:

Appleby water tower

A little way east along the line from Appleby is Appleby Heritage Centre, in the old goods shed, which provides employment and training and restores old railway carriages:

Appleby Heritage Centre

Looking back west along platform 2 from the eastern end of the station:

Appleby platform 2 looking west

At the western end of platform 2 a ramp leads down to road level. Looking up the ramp:

Appleby platform 2 ramp

From the bottom of the ramp looking up at the bridge which carries the line over Station Road:

Appleby bridge

Looking west from the end of platform 2:

Appleby looking west

Appleby North signalbox and junction:

Appleby signalbox Appleby signalbox and junction