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Collected date 02/07/13

Aigburth sign

Aigburth station to in the southeast of Liverpool and serves the Aigburth area. The front of the station building:

Aigburth front

The side of the station building:

Aigburth side

The rear of the station building, which backs onto platform 1:

Aigburth rear

Steps lead up from platform 1 to the street-level entrance and ticket office:

Aigburth platform 1 steps

Looking west on platform 1:

Aigburth platform 1 looking west

The obligatory sign telling us what Aigburth is for. How does one spool an otter?

Aigburth for Otterspool Promenade

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Aigburth looking east

As at Cressington a footbridge at street level exits the booking hall to cross the line:

Aigburth on footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge at the road bridge:

Aigburth from footbridge looking

Platform 2 was in a state of transition at the time of our visit. An initial plan to scrap the ironwork-supported canopy in favour of a bus shelter had apparently fallen in the face of local opposition, so something more substantial was being finished on platform 2:

Aigburth platform 2 building

One free-standing pillar:

Aigburth platform 2 pillar and

Under the canopy, the spandrels are of a different design:

Aigburth spandrels
under canopy

A temporary wooden shelter between these walls while the construction work continues:

Aigburth temporary shelter

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Aigburth looking west

From the road bridge which crosses the line just west of the station, looking west:

Aigburth from bridge looking

Looking east at the station from the bridge:

Aigburth from bridge looking

On the bridge, the entrance to the construction site for the platform 2 work:

Aigburth site entrance