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Collected date 02/07/13

Cressington sign

Cressington station lies to the southeast of Liverpool and serves Cressington Park and the Grassendale area. The station building was built in 1873 and is Grade II listed. Its front is on a small road between Knowlsley Road and Salisbury Road:

Cressington front

The railway line is at a lower level than the street, so the rear of the station building extends down an extra storey to platform level:

Cressington rear

The platform-level entrance to the station building, and the canopy at platform level:

Cressington platform 1 entry Cressington platform 1 canopy

On platform 1, looking east:

Cressington platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 1, looking at the spandrels:

Cressington platform 1
under canopy

On platform 1, an original 1871 water fountain, sadly sans water:

Cressington platform 1 water

On the eastern wall of the station building are still hooks for buckets:

Cressington bucket hooks

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Cressington looking east

The footbridge crosses the line above the canopy. Looking back towards the rear of the station building:

Cressington on footbridge

The clock in an upper window to the right of the footbridge:

Cressington clock

The end of the footbridge on platform 2:

Cressington platform 2
footbridge end

The lamp on the side of the platform 2 building:

Cressington lamp

The building on platform 2 seen from platform 1:

Cressington platform 2 building

The door of the waiting room on platform 2:

Cressington platform 2 door

Looking west along the platforms:

Cressington platforms looking

Looking west at the station from the bridge to its east:

Cressington from east
bridge looking west

From the bridge to the west of the station, looking west along the line:

Cressington from west
bridge looking west