Fiction by Owen Dunn

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Short Stories

But For An Only is the longest thing I've written. Despite its flaws, it's also the piece of fiction I'm most pleased with. It was written while I was spending six weeks at Birzeit University in Palestine in 1994, and it's not hard to see the influence of time spent in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

An Excellent Vintage was written in 1994. It was intended to become the first in a sequence of vaguely related tales associated with a space station called the New Falklands Archipelago, but none of the others were written. Sadly, accusations that the white-on-blue text featuring in the story is a reference to the TNVT220 terminal emulator are entirely true.

Terminal is a little bit of fun geek paranoia.

Forced Writing

At the 1994 EasterCon, there was a writers' workshop with a forced writing exercise; we had to write something in a limited period of time. My contribution was Tool of the Trade. (ttba Vol. 21 No. 3)

I recently (2002) tried the same thing, asking friends for four words to build a story around. The result was Aubergine Tiramisu Armadillo (Theodolite absence).

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