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Collected date 24/05/07

Yetminster sign

The year of our visit, Yetminster station was celebrating (in a fairly low-key way) the 150th anniversary of passenger services. A blue plaque at the station was testimony to this:

Yetminster plaque

The entrance to the station platform from the car park:

Yetminster approach

The shelter and building on the platform:

Yetminster shelter and building

At the southern end of the station a road bridge crosses the line and once provided access to the second (now disused) platform:

Yetminster bridge

From the bridge, looking north at the station platform, with the disused platform on the right:

Yetminster from bridge

Looking south along the line from the bridge:

Yetminster from bridge
looking south

From the northern end of the platform, looking north along the line:

Yetminster looking north

From the same place looking south at the platforms:

Yetminster platforms

A cluster of 4x4s for sale between the station and the Railway Inn:

Yetminster pub