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Collected date 15/05/08

Yate sign

Yate is a small station on the line between Bristol Temple Meads and Gloucester. It has two platforms: Platform 1 for northbound services:

Yate platform 1

Platform 2 is for southbound services:

Yate platform 2

The platforms are on opposite sides of the A432 road bridge, seen here from the north:

Yate platform 1 from platform 2

And here from the south:

Yate platform 2 from platform 1

Adjacent to Platform 2 is a car park:

Yate entrance and car park

North of that platform is a disused and largely overgrown siding, its buffers just visible amid the undergrowth:

Yate buffers

Opposite Platform 1, there's a small building, possibly a goods shed of some sort:

Yate building from Platform 1 Yate building from the bridge

Opposite Platform 2 is Yate Middle Junction, for the freight-only branch to Tytherington stone terminal:

Yate Middle Junction

The station was closed in 1965, and only re-opened in 1989 by the chairman of a council that no longer exists:

Yate re-opening plaque

The view north from the end of Platform 2:

Yate view north

The view south from the end of Platform 1:

Yate view south

The view south from the bridge:

Yate view south from bridge