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Weymouth Quay

Collected date 24/05/07

Weymouth Quay beware

The branch to Weymouth Quay station is unusual because its track runs along streets. Perhaps because of this it has been out of use since it was used by a railtour in 1999, and hasn't seen a regular passenger service since 1987. However, the tracks can still be followed from near Weymouth station to the ferry terminal that has now completely taken over the old Weymouth Quay station.

The front of the station, standing on the "platform" with the line on the road to the left:

Weymouth Quay front

A closer look at the entrance to what is now the Condor Ferries booking office:

Weymouth Quay entrance

Looking along the platform towards the end of the line. The station building's fittings are reminiscent of other BR stations of the time, such as Leicester:

Weymouth Quay platform

The platform edge:

Weymouth Quay platform side

The platform continues quite some way past the station building, as can be seen here, looking back:

Weymouth Quay from end

The end of the line at Weymouth Quay:

Weymouth Quay end

Looking west back along the harbour line from near the front of the station:

Weymouth Quay looking west

Further west back along the line there are loading platforms:

Weymouth Quay loading platforms