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Walthamstow Queens Road

Collected date 16/09/06

Walthamstow Queen's Road

I wandered around Walthamstow for some time trying to find its Queen's Road station, a small stop on the North London Line. I eventually found it at the end of this approach:

Walthamstow Queen's
Road approach

Platform 1 and its shelter, seen from platform 2:

Walthamstow Queen's
Road platform 1 and shelter

Platform 2:

Walthamstow Queen's Road
platform 2

Underneath the footbridge which links the two platforms:

Walthamstow Queen's
Road footbridge

Looking east along platform 2:

Walthamstow Queen's Road,
looking east

Looking west. The bridge in the background carries the line that runs through Walthamstow Central to Chingford and Liverpool Street.

Walthamstow Queen's Road,
looking west